The JVP Style

I started photojournalistic-style photography a while back taking pictures for a non-profit cooperative at their annual state-wide conference. Back then I simply took candid portraits of people as they mingled and interacted with one another. It was such a joy to capture people with their natural smiles, laughing, and otherwise just having fun. Since then my photography style has evolved to more of a documentary-style photojournalistic approach.

I have always found this photography style both fun and challenging at the same time. I enjoy capturing photos of people with their natural expressions, gestures and emotions. The true challenge is in capturing those expressions and emotions at the right time.

This is where I strive to excel. I want my work to be as unique as only I can capture. I use my own posing and lighting techniques. And my clients do find the value in this. When I photograph a wedding I set as my goal to document the occasion as accurate as possible, capturing stuff that happens, exactly when and how it happens. There are no re-do’s. I don’t try to manipulate or control the happenings, I simply document it, photojournalistic style, my style. I’m simply the ‘fly on the wall’, except that I’m a fly with a camera. =) It is simply the best approach to capturing the most natural expressions and emotions of people involved in an event.

Personally, however, no matter what my project is, my goal is always to give glory to my Creator by capturing and celebrating the beauty of His creations through the images I deliver.



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